DAMG Lighting

Harnessing the power of alternative lighting, through custom lighting solutions.

DAMG Lighting, LLLP (DAL) is the result of a joint venture between DAMG Worldwide LLC, Matterhorn Capital Ltd. and Future Energy Solutions (FES).  The ventures mission is to market energy efficient lighting products to airports, universities and other industrial companies that maintain facilities such as parking structures that require lighting 12 to 24 hours a day. The Project Lumina program is innovative as it provides management with a solution to reduce electricity bills, remove maintenance costs and enhance the working environment without capital risk.

Any operation that requires continuous lighting for significant daily hours is a candidate for a custom lighting system installation and the resulting cost savings. 

DAMG Lighting, LLC (DAL) is a joint venture formed for the purpose of providing custom lighting solutions to customers through an innovative pricing arrangement whereby the customer does not pay for the lights, fixtures, installation or maintenance of their lighting system.  DAL receives a share of the savings throughout the term of the agreement.  The venture partners include DAMG WorldwideMatterhorn Capital LTD, UK,  and Future Energy Solutions.

The venture partners collectively have lengthy experience in real estate, project finance, infrastructure and lighting solutions, which, coupled with the company capitalization creates a formidable player in the energy efficient, custom lighting sector.

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